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    • Bitterne-Outside

    Bitterne College

    A hyper modern college with amazing facilities. The lights in the hall where all facing the wrong way to shoot the wire so a hideously long exposure was required.

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    Todmorden NHS

    The wonderful staff at Todmorden Health care centre. Only had an hour with them to show their new uniforms off.

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    • Oxley--panoramic
    • Oxley-18th
    • Oxley-Ninth
    • Oxley-12th

    The Golf course

    In the heart of 'The Black Country' lies a gem that is known as Oxley Golf course. Here they needed new images for the web to show the experience of an afternoons golfing.

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    • Outside-Winchester
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    Winchester Installation

    The features of the installation into a grade 2 listed building had to be shown. The ancient wooden beams supported the whole of the wire structure.

    • Lincon theatre Auditorium
    • Lincon theatre wire
    • Lincon theatre

    Lincoln Theatre

    Should have realised when the client's product is called 'an invisible floor'. The clue was in the name, and photographing it was a tad difficult.