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    Promo shirts

    The client decided as a promotion to give away football shirts to his customers who won a competition. Apparently they are quite famous football clubs.

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    Todmorden NHS

    The wonderful staff at Todmorden Health care centre. Only had an hour with them to show their new uniforms off.

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    Hettie Haywood, Fashion Catwalk, Salford

    London fashion week. The collection consisted of Six pieces with jewellery. Previewed and shown in Salford and in Media City - The Egg building as part of a full collection showing over 200 pieces.

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    Erinma Portrait

    A portrait of the clay master 3x life size which is awaiting Funding to be transformed into a 'Bronze'. The image required to circulate around the funding bodies. Bronze will be shot again on completion

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    Bitterne College

    A hyper modern college with amazing facilities. The lights in the hall where all facing the wrong way to shoot the wire so a hideously long exposure was required.

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    Garment Details

    Some of the clothing is rich with extras and features. This is where the 'cameo' shot comes into its own. We pride ourselves in bringing these features out.

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    UCLan Engineering

    The UCLan build of the new Mech Engineering block will be supported by a horading depicting current and future projects.

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    The Golf course

    In the heart of 'The Black Country' lies a gem that is known as Oxley Golf course. Here they needed new images for the web to show the experience of an afternoons golfing.

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    German and English threads

    I now know that german thread and english threaded bolts can be different. Especially if they are to hold 50 ton blocks of concrete. So the image is very important in showing the customer which thread is which